This game is an unfinished RPG based on UnderTale, Pokemon and Harry Potter.

Controls :

This game was made to be controlled with a usb controller.

You can also use a keyboard : ZQSD or Arrows to move (only one key at a time !), Enter to interact. E to call your pokemon, Space to swap with your pokemon and left shift to run.

Credits :

Toby Fox

The Pokemon Company / Game Freak

Songs :

The Killers - Human - 8 bit edition

Hedwig's Theme - 8 bit edition


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replace "E" for "A" and "I" for "O"

i wanna download this game man

(1 edit)

There is not much to see, only 30 to 40 minutes of gameplay and i stoped the development sorry

Ok that’s ok I can always play it on the web